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Tarot Zain

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The name of this tarot deck comes from what Kenneth Grant called Aeon of Zain or the Aeon of silence (the Aeon without a word). It is the result of my magical working connected to Kenneth Grant’s book the nightside of Eden and of Aleister Crowley’s Liber CCXXXI.

The Aeon of Horus was initiated in 1904 when Aleister Crowley received Liber AL (first named Liber L) during a trip to Cairo with his wife Rose.

Charles Stansfeld Jones also known as Frater Achad declared the Aeon of Maat to be arising in April 1948.

In the Typhonian trilogies Grant talks a lot about the Aeon of silence which is connected to the daughter (Mut) and the babe in the egg Hoor Paar Kraat.

To me it is the daughter that opened the gate of death and life. She goes also under the name of the daughter of the seven headed dragon or the daughter of the seven stars.

During my working I often had communication without words that I used to refer to as the voice of silence. The working (Opus Zain) lasted for several years and the results was tarot Zain.

Looking at the phrase “the voice of silence” you will find it connected to Blavatsky and to Liber LXXI. The front piece of this Liber Crowley added the painting of LAM (71) that is also connected to the Aeon of silence. LAM is a main figure of Grants work and Crowley gave him the painting to him when he was his private secretary.

Zain or Zayin is the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet and its geometric number is also seven.

The symbol connected to Zain is a sword. On the dayside of the Kabbalistic tree Zain is connected to the lovers and path 17 leading from Binah (the dark mother) to Tiphareth (sun/son). The astrological sign connected is the twins (II). According to Grant the twins or twin towers in the abyss is connected to the black brothers Seth and his double Horus. The connected tunnel of Set is Zamradiel.

In the name Zayin there is the name Ayin witch is the eye and connected to the tarot card the devil.

So together we got the sword and the eye.

The lesser arcana are rather traditional with Thelemic symbolism with influence of the Aeon of Zain.

The major arcana have its main focus on the tunnels of Set the symbols from both Liber CCXXXI and Nightside of Eden.